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Online shopping that's as easy as:

  1. Select your pickup or delivery order destination.
  2. Shop our online aisles for all your shopping needs.
  3. Proceed to checkout.

A CUL Customer Service Representative (CSR) will contact you to confirm your payment method, address, telephone number and confirm the shipping arrangements.

1. What currency does the website display?

Once you choose your store location, product pricing reflects the local currency.

2. Where can I find addresses and contact information for your stores?

Select your store.

3. What payment options are available?

VISA, Mastercard & American Express

4. When will a charge be processed to my credit card?

Only after a Cost U Less representative has contacted you and confirmed your order.

5. Do you sell information obtained from your customers?

No. Cost U Less is committed to protecting our customers' privacy. Please click here to view our privacy policy.

6. How can I sell my product or service to Cost U Less?

We are always looking for new and innovative products that can better help and serve our customers. Wherever possible we buy products locally within the communities we serve. Visit the Contact Us portion of our website, utilize the form to submit information on your company and products, and it will go to the appropriate Category Manager.

7. How do I obtain a copy of The North West Company's annual report?

Please visit our corporate website to obtain a copy of our annual report.